Michieko Galerie: Goodbye Traditions! / by Rui Kikuchi

From Michieko Galerie in Munich Germany:

"Many images come to our mind when we think of Japan. Quite likely you would think of the timeless elegance of Japanese crafts. Perfection reached by omission, less is more. We think of Japanese kimono textiles, lacquerware, ceramics and various other crafts when we think of Japan. What is less known outside of Japan is that a new generation of up and coming artists have appropriated traditional craftsmanship to create 21st century art that lies beyond western expectations and puts into perspective the image that the official Japan tries to convey abroad.

Micheko Gallery has invited ten artists to participate at a group exhibition featuring various media: textiles, leaf gold, ceramics, glass and enamel newly interpreted. Most works on display have been newly created for this exhibition.

From May 11 till July 26 we will change the perception that is still predominant in the West that craftsmanship and art are two separate things. This is not the case in Japan and even in Europe this distinction was only introduced in the 19th century.

Three artists will be present at the opening and give a live demonstration in paper art, lacquerware and leaf gold applications.

Participating artists:
Toshihiko IWATA
Kyohei MAEDA
Toshiya MASUDA
Yasutomo OTA
Misato SEKI