There and Back Again / by Rui Kikuchi

So, after going to the tsunami affected region of Japan, making jewellery was getting to be too much. I didn't see the reason for making anymore. So I got a little depressed and then decided to go on an adventure, to test myself out, I guess. And to also realise just how lucky I am to be living in Japan. We'll I'm back now and am keen to get back into the swing of things, making again, challenging myself in other artistic endeavours and making new connections and mending old ones.

This is me in south-west Madagascar next to a village called Andavadoaka. I hope to write more about that adventure later. On the postcard is written a partial quote from Carl Sagan's "Pale Blue Dot" monologue and was sent to me by Kristopher Littlefield.

So thinking about what Dr. Sagan said, what does it mean when our existence seems so insignificant? Well, nothing really, I found that out during my travels that life kind of sucks, and there doesn't seem to be a real point to it. But that's okay, there's nothing wrong about that. It actually in a paradoxical way, makes that more significant because we have the capacity to interpret our life to mean whatever it should mean to us. We are in that sense purely free. Only the breadth of our imagination is challenged, and it seems that to undertake those challenges in our wildest and hardest possibilities is our responsibility as conscious beings.

Anyway, back to making.....